Router For Christmas???

DANMOH009DANMOH009 Posts: 241Member

So i passed my CCNA last month and im getting a bit worried that im going to start to forget things, I working in a tech support role but no real cisco exposure, Was thinking a good way of not loosing the knowledge is to buy a cisco router for the house!

I was thinking of connecting the cisco up to BT VDSL modem and using this for my day to day browsing, That way i can mess about with ACLs perhaps set up VOIP and a VPN.

Is this a good idea? and if so what router would you guys recommend?



  • FuturaFutura Posts: 191Member
    I would recommend an ASA firewall. I have a 5505 and use it for many things. Including an impressive VPN system that you can show off. A router in the house has limited functionality.

    Thats my 2 bits

    I am also in Manchester UK btw!
  • DANMOH009DANMOH009 Posts: 241Member
    Cheers Buddy,

    I'll Have a look at em 250 smackers!!!
  • jsb515jsb515 Posts: 253Member
    why not just play with packet tracer and GNS?
  • DANMOH009DANMOH009 Posts: 241Member
    Im starting mess around with GNS3, but its not the same as your own LAN i feel i'll be more committed to fixing it if its my own, Plus building for the future, dont want to all of sudden decide to buy the equiptment and end up paying a fortune!
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