I haven't developed since framework 2.0, advice/input on how to refresh with 4.0, 4.5

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After a couple of different jobs had me bounce between programming, Sharepoint, and server administration, I have been asked to assume a development position again.

I haven't developed from scratch since framework 2.0 and I am very much interested in getting back into coding and learning about the newest framework abilities, specifically using LINQ and parallel processing.

I will mainly be using VB and winforms and I had considered going down the path of obtaining a MCTS and then potentially working up the certification ladder.

I was thinking about jumping into framework 4.0 and certification 70-511, but before I invested time and money I thought I would ask for advice and direction and what more experienced developers might start with and what would benefit me the most in returning to writing code with the current and upcoming framework.

I appreciate any advice and input given and I am not afraid of working/spending several hours each evening in bringing myself back to where I can perform coding tasks asked of me using current technology.

Thanks in advance!


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    Take a look at PluralSight.com. Their basic membership is just $30/month and they cover everything from design patters to Linq, from .Net 3 to the new features of 4.5. The only thing that I would warn you about is that VB.Net seems to be very much on the way out especially in Enterprise environments. I know very few people who are doing serious, enterprise level work in VB.Net and all the examples you see pretty much in every book or magazine are in C#. Honestly, I would take a week to learn it. It's not going to be too hard for you to pick up as ultimately .Net is .Net.
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    Thanks for your reply. I'll definitely look into that site and while I agree that VB is on the way out, my organization is very much VB oriented and will be for the considerable future. I will definitely make sure I keep up to date on C#, and I appreciate your advice and input, thanks again!
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