Certified and didn't even know it.

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After I took the CIPT test I didn't think anything of it. Today in my email I got a response from Cisco about where I wanted my certificate mailed to. After checking the site I found that I am now a:

CQS - Cisco IP Telephony Support Specialist

After more searching I found that I will pick up another certification after I take the IPTT test.

CQS - Cisco IP Telephony Operations Specialist

I looked at some of the other specialist certifications and found that I only need the IPTD test to be a

CQS - Cisco IP Telephony Design Specialist

I can also take the IPTX test and get certified as

CQS - Cisco IP Telephony Express Specialist

Once I take the GWGK test I will be a full fledged CCVP but will also have a specialist certification in 4 different areas. It's almost like it is raining certifications...

So to recap

I took the QOS test, CVOICE test, and the CIPT tests. I will now take the IPTT, IPTD, IPTX and GWGK tests.

I also found a use for my lousy MCSE. I can take two Unity tests and pick up two unity support specialist certifications.


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    Sweet deal Cisco master!!! Am sure that will look outstanding on your new resume/cv......
    i remain, he who remains to be....
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    I've just implemented my tenth large scale Cisco VoIP solution (premise and hosted). I guess maybe I should start trying to nail down some of these certs now.
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    It seems the sky is the limit for you. This is really a big source of inspiration.

    Hard times on planet earth.
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    Hey tunerX, if you're still around, did you take the GWGK exam?
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    WOW - you are DA MAN
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    I am in San Jose. I just finished the GWGK/IPTT minicamp from Global Knowledge. The course sucked. The instructor was very knowledgable and the material is very good.

    The course is 12 hours (M-TH) and 6 hours on Friday which is not enough to cover the material in depth. You have 4 thick books and not enough labs. I failed by a little on the GWGK test and failed by a whole bunch on the IPTT test. This was with no other studying since August, since I have relocated back to the US and have started a different job.

    The material itself seems more than enough but you have to read it all. I could not find the time to read all of the material and do the 12 hours of instruction. So I cut corners in reading and am a prime example of what cutting corners will get you.

    If I would have followed my original plan and just went home and read the material and practiced at work and on my lab I would have been alright, and would not have wasted both of my "free" vouchers.

    I knew it had to happen sometime. After 29 first time passes with Cisco, MS, Redhat, Oracle and Sun, failure was inevitable. This was my first time taking a course to help with the test and it will probably be my last. I will stick with my tried-and-true method of time, practice, and reading as it seems to work. Lucky thing I didn't pay the 5K for the course, and 1k in room and meals.
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    Why are the GWGK and IPTT both part of the same course? Is there so much overlap? Sounds impossible to cover both in just a week, even with 12 ( icon_eek.gif ) hours a day.
    You have 4 thick books
    Are these CCVP books from Cisco press? Ciscopress seems to be a bit late with publishing self-study guides for all the CCVP exams.
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    The books are the cisco authorized books for the IPTT and GWGK tests. Pretty much all of the questions come from the material in these books. The courses can be either standalone - 1 week @ 8 hours per day or the boot camp which is the hours I mentioned.

    The material will be the same for any company that is an authorized training partner.
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