CAT OS Equivalent of ISO 'show log' ?

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CAT OS is still a weak point in my skill sets; mainly because its old and I've been taught Cisco from ISO and up. However my company still has many CATOS switches in place and I need to be able to navigate the commands a bit better.

With that said I notice the 'show log' command differ quite a bit between to the OS types. I am trying to determine what would be the Equivalent of the ISO command 'show log' in CAT OS. I think I have it figured out as: 'show logging buffer' but I am not sure if that is it. Basically what I am trying to see from CAT OS are the daily log events that you would normally see in the IOS version of 'show log' so I can monitor like flaps, etc. The actual 'show log' command on CAT OS doesn't seem to give the same type of output IOS would provide.

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