SCTE certifications???

NoodsNoods Member Posts: 168
Has anyone ever heard anything about or taken a SCTE certifications?


These certifications could be very valuable to me and Im trying to figure out what my next certification will be, but I wanted to get some input on the content, format, necessary study time and difficulty.


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    MunckMunck Member Posts: 150
    I have never heard of it, and I would think again before spending time/money on a unknown certification. Only certs. in demand by employers are worth getting IMHO.
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    janmikejanmike Member Posts: 3,076
    These certs are published by the Society of Cable Telecommunications
    Engneers. I think that if you talk to someone in Telecom, they will know very well. BICSI certification is also included in this area, as it is in CNNA certs.

    Web site, http://www.scte.org/home.cfm
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    NoodsNoods Member Posts: 168
    My company will actually pay for all the training materials for SCTE certs. These certs are actually recommended by management in my company as well. I would just like to talk to someone who has actually studied for or sat for the test before I devote the next few months to studying for it.
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    filkenjitsufilkenjitsu Member Posts: 564 ■■■■□□□□□□
    These are NOT unknown certifications. Every Cellular provider, Telco, MSA (Cable Company), and television broadcaster, knows exactly what these are. They are infrastructure, networking type certifications.

    VERY vaulable in telecommunications.

    The BICSI and SCTE certs mean much more to any of the above companies than an MCSE, Security, etc type degrees.

    Along the same lines as the cisco, Nortel, Lucent, and Juniper certifications.

    If your company will pay for it, you should pursue this.
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