Question! So, the new 005 format

sendalotsendalot Senior MemberMember Posts: 328
So, I see Network+'s format has changed.

Are the simulations like the ones in practice labs and exams?

Are they super difficult?

I wonder if Boson has that.


  • azmattazmatt Senior Member Member Posts: 114
    I just took it 2 hours ago and only three of the questions were sim. They're not hard, just poorly implemented.

    By the way, 893 :)
  • sendalotsendalot Senior Member Member Posts: 328
    Good for you.

    Could you tell me about your background and what books and materials you used?

    Do you have CISCO stuffs too?

  • azmattazmatt Senior Member Member Posts: 114
    I read the smaller mike meyers book and did whatever practise tests i could find online.

    i have zero cisco experiance.
  • sendalotsendalot Senior Member Member Posts: 328
    Did you have any sheet or few-page made review stuffs that you memorized for sure before taking the test?
    I find it hard to memorize everything.
  • azmattazmatt Senior Member Member Posts: 114
    I can be the same way :) i love videos but my mind starts to wonder so i usually read the book, stopping to do google reasearch on anything i feel fuzzy on and then take any practise test i can get my hands on.

    Those will expose my weeknesses every time.
  • sendalotsendalot Senior Member Member Posts: 328
    (If it violates your NDA, ignore my question).

    Not that "CCENT ICND-1" simulations are super difficult, do Network+ simulation questions go near the difficulty of CCENT?

  • DarrilDarril Registered Member Member Posts: 1,588
    I haven't taken the CCENT but I'm aware of the content. I can say definitively that the Network+ simulations aren't anywhere as difficult. I recently posted a blog that will give you some insight into some of the knowledge you need for the Network+ simulations: Get Certified Get Ahead | Network+ Performance Based Questions.

    Good luck.
  • azmattazmatt Senior Member Member Posts: 114
    I haven't taken it either but (as always) Darril nailed it. They aren't tough, just confusing and poorly implemented in my opinon.
  • sendalotsendalot Senior Member Member Posts: 328
    Would not getting all simulation problems correct, not let me pass it?
    (Hyphethically, get everything right except the simulations).
  • azmattazmatt Senior Member Member Posts: 114
    Not at all. I got a 893 and the im 90% sure the question i missed was a sim question. I think they're weighted the same as the other questions.
  • sendalotsendalot Senior Member Member Posts: 328
    I'm thinking of investing another hundred on Boson's lab.

    Do you think it's worth it?

    I use Sybex's book by Todd Lammle. It has a mini-lab, but I am not sure if this is enough.

    Does this exam make you have to move on quickly? Not enough time for all the 100 questions?

    Also btw, I failed my CCENT(ICND-1) attempt by 50 points.
    I thought I knew all, but still and this has greatly bruised my ego and confidence.

    I hope Net+ is more straightforward and clear.

  • DarrilDarril Registered Member Member Posts: 1,588
    I can't speak directly to the Boson's lab for Network+ but overall Boson products are known for their quality.

    In general, you have plenty of time. When their are 100 questions, you have 90 minutes to complete them which is less one minute per question. As long English is your native language, you can answer the questions easily within the given time. For example, what is 10 x 10. Either you know the answer or you don't. I often use the following example to compare Microsoft and CompTIA exams:
    • Microsoft. You are driving a bus from Chicago to Atlanta at 55 mph with twenty-two passengers. The bus is painted blue. At the same time, a train is traveling from Miami to Atlanta at 40 mph. The train has a yellow caboose. What color are the bus driver’s eyes?
    You know the answer but you have to analyze the question to figure out what they are asking. In contrast, the same question might be worded in CompTIA exam like this:
    • CompTIA. What color are your eyes?
    If you have simulation questions, you'll have fewer multiple choice questions. A common way this works based on feedback I've heard from students is that you get three simulation questions and a total of 90 questions instead of 100 multiple choice questions.

    Good luck.
  • sendalotsendalot Senior Member Member Posts: 328
    Oh wow, thank you for the info.
    This is by far one of the coolest posts I've read. (The way you stated the problems in two forms).
  • amarandamarand Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I know this post is almost a year old, but I just wanted to say that I took the Security+ yesterday and the simulation questions were a bit weird - not at all what I'd expected. I'm assuming on some of them, you get partial credit, due to my final score, which was in-between whole point thresholds. Ahh, grade scaling. 825!

    The reason why I'm replying to this specific post is because I appreciated the analogy. Yes, Microsoft tends to use a lot of confusing verbiage, but on the test yesterday, I felt like there was a lot of language thrown in there to confuse you, as well. Just not as much as Microsoft has traditionally...crafted. :)
  • DarrilDarril Registered Member Member Posts: 1,588
    Congratulations on the pass, amarand. The new performance based questions are a little odd if you're not expecting them. The good news for others is there are lot of resources on the Internet that talk about them. For others, a Google search on "Security+ performance based questions" should turn up some good resources.
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