700 series or 800 series

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Hi guys i`m 17 years old since june and i am now starting my i.t career. I use to fix since i was late 12 years old lol when i was smaller i liked to dig up in the computer and most of the times i screwed it up and i was actually banned until i learnt how it works. Lol my life stories alright to the point i have been studying for n-005 and i am ready and 200-701 and 200-702 but the new 800 series came out so i am wondering should i just use a cram guide and study for the new 800 series or just go with the plan and do the 700 series. THANK YOU


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    When will finish taking the two exams?

    If you think you might not complete both exams by August 31, 2013 then go for the 800 series because the 700 series exams will no longer be available after then. If you'll take them before August 31, 2013, either series is good.

    Some people are very vocal about always taking the newest exam for any certification but hiring managers rarely care whether you have the 700 series or 800 series but instead only want to know you have the certification. With that in mind, think about why you're taking the exam. If it's to beef up a resume and help you get a job it doesn't really matter which one you take.

    I'd suggest you first decide which exam you plan on taking and then start looking for a book on that exam.

    When do you plan on taking the Network+ N10-005 exam?

    Good luck.
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    makes sense man i`m currently ready for both of the exams i`ve been studying since june absolutely i`ll be able to take it way before August 31,2013 the reason i am taking it is to help me get atleast a position in I.t
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