which router is better for voice studies 2691, 3640 or a 2621

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I was just giving these routers, I know they are out dated but free is free. Which one would be better for my ccna voice lab for cme, and which would work better for my gateway for cucm. Both the 2691 and 3640 are like new and the 2621 is older.

Also what IOS should I look to download.

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    You're right there....free is free....they were throwing out 2 x 3550-PWR switches and a 2851 w/VWIC2-1MFT-E1/T1 & PVDM2-64 where I work, couldn't believe my luck....presto....1 new HQ voice gateway

    I'd recommend the 2691 as being the more capable gateway. Having used a 2691 for my studies, max'd out the DRAM, added a NM-2V-HD + 4FXO + 4FXS/DID, VWIC-1MFT-E1, AIM-VOICE30 (for PRI PVDMs) and a WIC-2T, I can say it works well. Though limited to IOS 12.4T(15) and CME 4.1, it was more than capable of getting me through IIUC, CVOICE and CIPT1. As for IOS, I went for c2691-adventerprisek9-ivs 12.4T(15), it will give you all you need including gatekeeper functionality.
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