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Hello guys how are you'll. I'm about to start studying for this monster once my material arrives. I'm on this site almost everyday and was wondering if you'll that has beat this beast recommend some study methods that you've use that made you successful at passing this exam. I'm using Eric Conrad 11th edition book and CBT's. I've heard that reading one domain per week works but after I read the first domain in the book do I need to do the first domain on the CBT as well for reinforcement??? Secondly as far as study questions do I hit the questions for that domain after i finish it before moving on to the next domain?

Don't mean to bother you'll with this but just need a lil advice so I will have a general idea on how I need to tackle this thing.




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    I used Shon Harris' AIO and the practice tests included with that. I did one domain at a time, reading the chapter, then doing the practice tests until I was satisfied, before moving on to the next domain. I wasn't satisfied until I was getting 80% or so on the practice tests. HOWEVER, I was preparing for a 7-day boot camp with a test at the end, which I am sure was the main reason for my success. I wouldn't rely solely on one study resource. Just wanted to let you know HOW I used the book and practice tests - one domain at a time.
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    I made 400 flash cards by hand and over 2400 flash cards digitally using the CISSP review seminar handbook as the source. During my x hour burn/churn sessions (daily over 4 months) if I would get tired going over the flash cards then I would switch to the conrad. When I got tired of Conrad I would switch to the Shon videos. When I got sick of the shon videos i'd switch back to the flash cards.

    I don't recommend this method for most people but it works well for me. I knew very well that when I closed the book at night, I would remember probably 2% of it by the next morning, so scraping the important bits+good old fashioned rote was the only way I could commit to memory.
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    Thanks guys for your replies and advice!! emerald_octane where did you find the Shon Harris videos?
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    I am curious, what is your background? CBT and 11th hour may be too light depending on your experience.
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    cyberguypyr my background is in networking. I've been in the IT field for 11 year from desktop to networking and trying to get into security. I cleared Security+ on last April I trying to get into Check Point but the study material are to expensive for my budget right now.
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