What has two thumbs and just passed the sec+ exam

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This guyicon_cheers.gif.


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    Congratulations man! Hope the advice in the previous thread you made helped.
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    congrats! how was it?
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    Not to bad. Made a 792. Only really noticed 3 encryption questions. Some access point questions. Seemed to have a good amount of virus/malware/spyware questions on it. As well as pen testing vs. vulnerability scans. Took me right an an hour.
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    HI, psylow , congrats !
    Can you suggest how to study for the S+ exams ?
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    I used Darril's Security+ Get certified almost solely. I did practice exams in the book as well as on this sight. I created notes from the book and studied those as well. Before the exam, or at least the 3 days leading up to it, I studied the chapter reviews. In my opinion it was the little stuff that was tricky. Had several questions on hacker attacks yet very little on encryption.
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    LOL @ the thread title and congrats on the pass :)
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