Will passing the Linux+ makes you a .... ?

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Will passing the Linux+ makes you a ....

CaptainL's answer:
Linux System Administrator?
Percentage: *not sure*

Let's see what are the Different Job positions we can get when we passed linux+. please continue on this format if you want to join :)

Will passing the Linux+ makes you a ....

(username) answer:
Linux System Administrator?
Percentage: (1%-100%)

note: *not sure* indicates that it is just your opinion

PS: I made this thread so that I can have idea of what jobs fit by having a linux+, currently my knowledge in linux+ is 0.0001%. If I have time I can compile your opinions in this first post, so that we can have an organize thread. and most important we can discuss all the job roles of each :)


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    *not sure* Did you check Indeed.com to get an idea?
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    Nope but it will give you a fundamental understanding of navigating and using the command line. I usually think of admins as a little more advanced than a CompTIA certification
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    *not sure* Did you check Indeed.com to get an idea?

    thank you for this site! :)
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    passing linux makes you awesome!
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    You might be able to get some job not directly related to linux where they just happen to have some linux boxes somewhere and may consider letting you touch one someday. As ridiculous as it sounds, based on what I've seen in job postings, the only thing that will make you a linux administrator is having a lot of experience in linux administration. There are ways to get your foot in the door but you can't usually take the typical admin route since linux helpdesk isn't too common. However, if you find a job like that then take it. You may be underpaid for awhile but the experience you gain will be valuable.
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