RHCSA training guidance

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I've given a lot of thought to pursuing this cert. I've looked over my IT career and realized that I needed a cert that can stand head above shoulders over other certs and that's in great demand. I'm currently using the following study materials:

1) The Accidental Administrator

2) Jang's RHCA and RHCE

3) Preparing for Redhat Rapid Track training (According to the skills Assessment on redhats site)

4) Labsim Lpic1 exam

5) Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook

Can anyone who is an RHCSA holder or perhaps recently passed the RHCSA offer any suggestions. I'm also using Centos 6.3 and noticing that it just drops me into the command line. Will the live exam be mainly command line? I'm not asking you to break the Redhat trust agreement, just what I need to be prepared for.

B.S Information Technology Telecommunications
A.S Network Server Administration
M.S Information Security Management (expected 2014-2015)


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    I will be taking the RHCSA exam in 2 weeks, so I can give an advice or two for my learning.
    I for one learnt to do all topics both with GUI & the Command Line with no exceptions, so I will be prepared better for a situation if the GUI is unavailable, I advice you to do the same.
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