Is this a good start to learn about JNCIA-Junos

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CBT Nuggets - Juniper Networks Junos Associate: Introduction to JNCIA JN0-101

I have a close buddy of mine who is a network engineer for a large ISP. A dozen or so positions opened up entry level positions however they are looking for someone with some theory and working knowledge of Juniper technology.

I am in IT management at the moment but it's been dragging on me lately and haven't been able to transition into a management role that I want (security) So I have decided to take his challenge and learn as much as I can so I can interview and hopefully land the position.

He mentioned getting the entry level one and then meeting his boss to discuss. I really want to get back into the technical side of things and this is my only way at the moment.

Sorry if this is a redundant post I do apologize. Just looking for some direction. I saw Aldur mentioned the Junos for dummies book. Maybe reading that would be the first step.


Again I am not looking to be a paper champ but one of the requirements is a degree (check) and a junior level juniper certification. No check there yet.

Any links to recommended material would be great. I hope I don't come off like a paper chaser trying to microwave certs but this is a really good opportunity. In this instance it's who you know if you have some knowledge and the entry level certification. No Cisco required either.

Thanks a lot guys and gals.


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    Juniper Fast Track:

    Pretty good Flash tutorial and two free (as in beer) PDFs to study from. Then an assessment quiz to get half off the price of a fairly easy certification exam. Slam dunk.
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    Thanks Bert I'll review the tutorial tomorrow and the PDF's. This machine is locked down so Ill review on my home machine tomorrow. Thanks again I appreciate the effort and information.
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    Fling in an Olive for some hands on too.
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    The fast track material is good for sure. Also, the flash for the security cert covers some stuff on general JuneOS as well. Hope to take the first test this month.
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    For the JNCIA-Junos, save your money on the CBT/Dummies products. Everything you need to know is in the Juniper-provided PDFs. I emphatically second nel's recommendation to generate an Olive (or ten) to get used to the CLI if it's new to you. If you don't have access to any Junos software, I bet your friend would be willing to hook you up for a high-quality six-pack or a low-quality case, depending on his preference.

    To figure out how to do the olives, I went with this: Sleepy Kitten: Preparing VirtualBox and FreeBSD for Juniper Olive
    and a couple of followup posts. I'm sure there are other good walkthroughs out there, but this one has done me quite good. Plus the newest GNS3 versions do an awesome job of integration Junos and VirtualBox. It was so difficult a few years ago (at least for me) that I can't believe how easy it all is now.

    The tools are out there, you just have to want it. Again, save your cash... you can do all of this for free!
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    Thanks for the heads up. I just downloaded flash from the corporate repository and now I am downloading the PDF's

    I'll check back in from time to time to keep you posted.

    I just checked out the video and that's really done well. I haven't watch the whole thing I am working right now so.....

    I am pretty excited watching the material.
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    Is anyone actually running an SRX image in the latest GNS3? I have an srx1k3k-11.1R6 I've been meaning to try.
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