Did anyone study with the TestOut material?

zxshockaxzzxshockaxz Senior MemberMember Posts: 108
I'm in college, and one of my classes is entire based off of the Network+ certification. For a text book we used Amazon.com: Guide to Networking Essentials, 6th Edition (9781111312527): Greg Tomsho: Books and we also used TestOut's NetworkPro course. Half of my grade was graded on my TestOut scores, and the other half was graded on the text book assignments.
With TestOut, they offered their own certification which was entirely simulation based, and its supposed to compliment the Net+ exam.
I passed the class with a 93% on the final, which was supposed to be similar to a net+ exam, but i feel like it might have been dumbed down a little.

Has anyone used TestOut to study for the net+ (or any other for that matter) and how well did you do?
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