passed just now

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I found it challenging. I hated the wording. It seemed like every lengthy question had useless babbling. It was a relief to get the straight forward question every now and then.

Like the Network+ I wasn't sure if I was passing all throughout the exam.

Shout out to D-Gibs for the Hard copy 201, kindle 301, and the question app.

Scored 816


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    Congratulations !
    I wana prepare for S+ exams an you please suggest me from where should I do practice test/ **** ?
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    ass1... you probably don't want to use the "D-word" on this site....

    Congrats OP!
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    D-Gibs - he has his own nickname now. Haha. Awesome.

    I hated the wording too when I took the test. You def are not alone.

    Congrats on the pass!! Where do you plan on going from here?
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    @djlomba - congratulations on the pass. Glad to hear those resources helped you. Good luck with your next adventure.

    @ass1 - The 301 book that djlomba mentioned (CompTIA Security+: Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-301 Study Guide) includes about 450 practice test questions with detailed explanations. They aren't **** but if you understand the questions and the answers, you'll be prepared for the exam. The question app is developed by Learnzapp (CompTIA Security+ SY0-301 Mobile App on iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and Android Tablet). Good luck.
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    I think i have some unfinished business with CCNA. I started last year but never followed through because I wasn't getting enough hands on.
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    djlomba wrote: »
    I think i have some unfinished business with CCNA. I started last year but never followed through because I wasn't getting enough hands on.

    Congrats on the pass! and good luck with the CCNA
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    Congrats on pass!! Good luck on CCNA icon_thumright.gif
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