Online study guides for RHCSA?

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Are there any good online study guides that map to the RHCSA exam objectives? I have recently been studying for the VCAP-DCA cert, and have found a wealth of exam objective walkthrough with detailed references if I needed more information about a topic. Mostly what I have seen for RHCSA has been either incomplete online guides, or recommendations to buy someone's book. Am I better off just buying one of the recommended books?

A little of my background:

I am looking to to a blitzkrieg of sorts to get back up to date on Linux. I have production experience in smaller environments with things like setting up LAMP, BIND servers, Firewall/VPN servers, Postfix, and SAMBA, along with some basic bash scripting, but it has been almost 9 years since I have managed Linux as part of my day-to-day responsibilities. Since then, aside from a couple of small side gigs, I haven't been working with Linux, I have been immersed in Microsoft infrastructure, and more recently, VMware and storage.

Today I am a veteran Microsoft and VMware engineer, pretty good with scripting, and have a good understanding of infrastructure services in general, and I just want to translate that into the Linux equivalent. I will be taking over a few RHEL servers in my current environment, and looking forward, I'm looking to get into more of an "Infrastructure Architect" role, and most of the positions I see advertised would like Microsoft, VMware, and Linux knowledge (usually Red Hat). So I'm looking to get back up to date with Linux.

Thanks in advance

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Future: Probably continued Red Hat Immersion, Possibly VCAP Design, or maybe a completely different path. Depends on job demands...


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