Sitting for Sec+ in Two Weeks

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Hi Everyone!

I've been snooping on here for a couple weeks now and figured it was finally time to join in! I had the Sybex Sec+ study guide, and review guide from earlier in the year when I thought I was going to have time to dedicate to studying (turns out I was wrong). But due to the rave reviews on here, and overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon, I decided to work through GCGA on my one-month cram session toward Sec+.

I scored a 69% on the knowledge pretest in the book, and feel like everything is sinking in nicely, as I just finished chapter 4. When I finish GCGA I'm going to take a couple practice exams from the Sybex books to evaluate where I need to focus. I feel like I've got a pretty solid routine down at this point and am really psyched to sit on the 28th!

A big "thanks" to everyone on here contributing! This is such a great place for study help/suggestions, and more importantly, confidence boosts in dealing with a typically stressful situation!


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