Passed! but barely...

taternuts666taternuts666 Senior MemberMember Posts: 200
Just got done taking my Network+ exam and I passed :) but only with a score of 744 icon_sad.gif. But a pass is a pass I suppose. The simulation questions were absolutely terrible. Actually I take that back... only 2 of the 3 were awful. One of them was so bad I literally had no idea what to do or where to start. The instructions were soooo poor and gave hardly no background info on the situation.

I used the Mike Meyers book and actually the 99 cent exam guide from LearnSmart was a really good study guide. There were tons of wireless questions and quite a few about cable length requirements and such. Make sure you memorize which protocol runs at which layer of the OSI model!

I was surprised I only got 1 port number question which is one thing I spent alot of time memorizing.

Well it's Friday and I passed my exam so it's beer and Borderlands 2 tonight!


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