CISSP Roadmap

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Hello All,

I am brand new to this board and I came here specifically for advice. I've been on the IT helpdesk for 5 years now. It took me this long to realize that I actually want to stay and grow in the industry. I have a meeting with my site lead in about a month to figure out a roadmap to get my CISSP certification. I want to end up in IT Security Mgmt (I don't know what position exactly yet). I'm currently studying for Security+. I have no other certs at the moment and I know that I have a long ride ahead of me.

I'm not asking anyone to layout a roadmap for me but I'm asking for some suggestions for other certs that are beneficial and possibly some suggestions of what security positions I should be looking at after I get my Sec+

I'm kicking myself that I waited this long to start the process. I already have a TS/SCI w/Poly.


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