CCNP:S completed.

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I started with CCNA Security in June and finished with SECURE this morning. I think I am done with Cisco certs for a while as I am on the brink of burn out. I had to reschedule SECURE exam three times. First due to Sandy, then the vacation and the last realizing I am still not ready. If it wasn't the last exam for the complete certification, I would probably delay this it sometime next year.

I think I will do something different now and take a python class from securetube; finish reading "Cisco Firewalls" book (highly recommend it) and try to remember what social life is.


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    Congratulations @Kreken - awesome achievement! icon_thumright.gif
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    Wow you took a month to study for each test, about?
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    Thank you. Well, CCNA Security took me about two weeks. The only thing new to me was ZBF setup on the routers. I work with firewalls, IPS and VPNs on the daily basis for the past few years so I already knew a lot of stuff. Some topics overlap with CCNP R&S too, like routing. The longest it took me to study was for SECURE for a couple of reasons. The official guide is fail so I had to look up topics on Google. I don't have much experience with VPN setup on the routers. I did have experience setting up site to site and remote access but that's it. So I had to do a lot of labbing specially on GET VPN and DMVPN in GNS3.

    Another thing which really helped me was, don't laugh, ginkgo biloba. I tried a couple of different brain focus supplements but ginkgo biloba worked the best. Since I usually start studying around 9PM after I put my kid to bed, it helped me to stay focused and retain more information.
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    Major accomplishment, looking to have this myself someday.
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    I'm curious - between the different exams, which did you find the most difficult and / or challenging? I may take the FIREWALL, VPN, and SECURE exams some day, but I have no intention of completing the CCNP: Security route as I don't want to have to deal with IPS (unless I end up in a position where I have to work with Cisco IPS).
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    Congrats on your recent accomplishment... CCIE security in the cards for you?
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    One of my 2013 certification goals is CCNP Security but the IPS element would hold me back. I know GNS3 does IPS 6, but there are a lot of issues and complications to running it.
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    Thank you.

    I think the most difficult exam was IPS. icon_cool.gif Not necessarily because the material is hard but because I found the questions on the exam to be borderline nitpicking. The next one in difficulty for me was SECURE but this is probably because I don't work much with routers.

    Yes but before I start on that road, I want to do something different for a change - python class and then most likely CISSP. It all might change though; I am about to start looking for a new job and I am willing to tailor my certificates to better benefit the new environment.
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    One of my 2013 certification goals is CCNP Security but the IPS element would hold me back. I know GNS3 does IPS 6, but there are a lot of issues and complications to running it.
    Cisco does offer an IME demo for IPS products that I found very helpful in my IPS studies. Although, not really a substitute for the real thing, it does provide an accurate simulation of an IPS. The Cisco Press book is also very well written and organized. I haven't come across a Cisco IPS in production yet, but I was curious how they worked and thought since I work in the security field now, it might make for a fun way to re-certify my CCNP RS cert. I take the exam in a few weeks.
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