rchaserchase Member Posts: 126
My question is: has anyone else used his videos as their only study resource (besides labbing) for the CAPPS and TVOICE exams? Would these videos be enough material to cover CAPPS and TVOICE?

I've been using his freebie vids for CVOICE and CIPT1, but decided to spend the $81 to unlock the full collection so I can use them for CIPT2 and especially for CAPPS and TVOICE.

Being that there is no recommendable literature for either exam, I was planning on dropping $200 each for IPexpert vids.

My problem with IPexpert is that they give no information as to what $200 buys me. Not an overview of content or even a total runtime. INE is much cheaper, but I'd be buying the entire CCNP Voice collection and it doesnt break it into exams ....

Not sure what the best path is here. I am getting a little ahead of myself as I plan on reading CIPT2 Cisco Press book, labbing that, and watching Kwallace CIPT2 vids again but looking for some insight from the CCNP Voice alumni regarding what you did to study for CAPPS and TVOICE

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