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Hi there

I am confused with which routing protocols use an autonomous system, my study guides provide conflicting results for igrp and ospf

Can anyone confirm which protocols use an a.s.



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    IGRP and EIGRP use autonomous systems and they must be defined using the router (e)igrp 10 (autonomous system number).
    Moreover , OSPF uses autonomous systems , but instead of these , you must define the area and not tha autonomous sytem.
    Areas are part of a whole autonomous system.
    An autonomous sytem may include multiple areas ,up to 4294967295 because area id is a 32bit number.
    For routing berween autonomous systems , we need an exterior gateway protocol , such as BGP.
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    OSPF = proc. id
    the More I know, that is more and More I dont know.
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    Im new on this board but I am on a couple of others. But, I have to say that is the best answer I have seen in a long time. Great response!
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