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I take the exam on Monday and am just getting in some last minute cramming time. How many questions are in the exam and how many do you have to get right to pass. Also I heard that not all of the questions are marked. Is this true?

Any advise you can give me would be much appreciated.


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    If you have studied already I would take practice exams over and over to prepare for a testing environment.

    A couple questions may or may not be beta questions, and you won't know which ones. This is what I have heard in the past.

    The number of questions also vary. Sorry to be so vague but ya can't tell too much without crossing the line of rules. I know it was a big no no in telling how many questions there were. If you google that question you'll find accurate responses.

    I would also go over syntax and the steps required to do things in a corporate and personal environment with the tools and services Microsoft has to offer.

    Hit up your weaker areas first.

    Good luck
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    Simple things first: dress comfortably;be sure to visit the bathroom before entering the doors to the test center; have the correct number of valid IDs with you; and be there plenty early (you may be able to begin right away).

    As for last minute review of the material, @Jasiono's suggestion to study your weak areas is a good one. You can also browse postings made to this forum over the past year, looking for those that give hints as to what topics their exam emphasized.

    During the exam, don't spend a lot of time over difficult to answer questions. You have a "Review" checkbox you can mark so that you can come back to those unanswered (or answered yet unsure) before you submit the test for grading. If you feel you have to guess at an answer, do so after eliminating any obviously wrong answer. Read each question or scenario carefully -- the test maker's like to trip you up on simple things. Lastly, if you have time remaining you can review your answers -by thinking WHY the other selections are not the best answer.

    Good luck.
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