Degree in Networking??

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Hi everyone,

I am doin a lot of research and I got lost all time..
I need advices on which degree i should take to persue in networking.They are lots of degree out there but i dont know which one to

I came across several degrees such as the one below:
1- B.S.I.T./Network Technology
2- B.S. in Computer Network Mgmt.
3- B.S. in Information Technology
4- B.S. in IT - Network Administration
5-B.S. in Internetworking Technology
6--B.S. in Computer Networking
Which one do you think i should go for...should i go for BS in Computing?
Any suggestions?


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    You should look into the different courses in each degree program instead of just looking at its name. I think the content is very similar in most of the programs you listed.
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    i think you should start with anything ended with ... Technology, because you cant do admin job if you dont know the background/technology it use.
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  • my_id_0308my_id_0308 Member Posts: 171
    Really?i didnt know that?Rossonieri#1,is it BS in information technology or BS Science in Technology?
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    BS stands for Bachelors of Science, so you get the science in their no matter what if its a BS. I have been looking for a straight forward, BS Network Technologies or something to that affect myself. I think whats more important then the specific degree you get will eb the school that you go to. I already hold 2 degrees in science, a Bachelors in EE and an associates in science in computer technololgies, and now I am looking for a good reputable school, prefferably 100% on ground class work, that has a bachelors focused specificaly on networking here in WA.
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