Test kept crashing on me. What should I do?

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I took a 70-294 last week and had numerous issues with the test crashing on me. At first I was unable to access the test when they set it up. It kept kicking me out with an error. They moved me to another computer and then I was able to start the the test. But half way through it it kicked me out again with an error. I was able to resume and my questions appeared to be saved. This happen twice during the test itself. The worst part was when I finished the exam and was calculating my score, it crashed repeatedly. I reported this to the testing center several times, but they don't seem to care. I felt that this did not go well and things may have been calculated wrong. The experience was not pleasant going through this.

I have not had these issues before with other MS exams, but has anyone else had these problems with MS exams?

Who should I complain to, Microsoft?



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    Did you pass or fail?

    i would contact testing center and let them aware of what happened.
    i would also contact ms and see what they say.

    Contact pro metric or whomever is testing center and let them no issue.

    Can you use a different testing center next time? Sounds like bad testing center.
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    I did fail, but I felt that the interruptions with all the application crashes did break my concentration. I have email MCPhelp and will hear something back in two business days. The Prometric site FAQ says to contact the exam provider (MS). But I feel as if I am going to be bounced around if I want to retake the exam or get a refund, which I think I deserve.

    I don't have any other testing centres close by and have not had issues here in the past.
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    I had similar problems with the 70-685 exam.
    You were correct in emailing MCPhelp, they should sort it for you and hopefully give you a free resit :)
    If you complain via the right channels (mcphelp) they should be sympathetic and give you another go for free.
    Did you have a scecond shot on this?
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