GCIH Training and Cert

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Hello Security SMEs!

Although I am new to this forum, I've been tracking your posts for some time now.

In order for me to keep my job, I have to obtain either the GCIH or CISSP cert. I have about two weeks to prepare.

I started studying for the CISSP last month , but I stopped because I felt I need about two months to study.

So, I turned to GCIH, which is more interesting than the CISSP material in my opinion.

For those of you who took the GCIH exam, I would like to know what you think of my plan.

Week 1- On Demand SANS 504(GCIH w.Eric) training.
Week 2-Practice Exams, Note taking
Week 3-Test

Can it be done?

I am currently a systems engineer with Service desk experience :-/


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    I think it really depends on how natural the material feels to you. If you have a good grasp of basic networking, Windows, and Linux, it's probably do-able with a lot of effort. Creating your index alone might take a few days.
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    I didn't even think about an index while watching the videos. After going through them i then went through the books page by page and created an index big enough to choke a horse.

    docrice nailed it, prepare for some long days and nights. Good luck!!!!!
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    Thanks for the advice!
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    I believe it is definitely doable, given that SANS 504 is probably one of easiest SANS certs. Due to the time constraint, I'd recommend skipping OnDemand for now (you should have access to it for (4) months), and sticking to the books. Go over every single book, and see if you even manage a second pass. Pay attention to details and see if you can listen to the mp3s while commuting to work/home.

    Other than that, good luck! You can do it!!!

    I look forward to hearing you passed.
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    I am interested to know if the plan worked out? I myself would have been crazy busy with three weeks to prepare. It is possible but cutting it close in my opinion. Good choice on the plan.

    +1 for indexing the book.

    +1 of open book exam.

    Jinverar, TSS
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