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I am setting up my training expectations for next year and I am stuck. I have already committed myself to going through the CCDA/CCDP but my biggest question comes after I have completed those. On the one hand, I have always wanted to complete my CCIE R&S. The other option is start going through the Datacenter certifications. I love routing and switching, but datacenter technology interests me quite a bit. I am having trouble discerning whether I should put knock out the CCIE or put it on hold and go through the CCNA/CCNP Datacenter..

Just looking for some opinions to help me figure things out, any advice is appreciated.
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    I feel for ya..I went thru the same thing a few months ago.. Should I go for NP Security, IE R&S, or start down the DC track????
    I evaluated a few things when making my decision.

    Career Advancement- NP Security is not going to do much for me right now since I already have several yrs of Cisco, Juniper and Checkpoint experience. NA and NP DC is super cool, but most companies will not be moving to Nexus for some time, if ever. Of course, having an IE # in either will always separate you from the pack.

    Cost- Vids, Classes, etc. Pretty even across all tracks. I really enjoy working with Nexus, but I can't see taking out a 2nd mortgage to pay for the lab gear I would need to clear the test. (Did hear recently that INE now has a Nexus rental rack ).

    Time and Resources- I've had years in IOS, but only a 8 months or so in NX-OS. The DC track would remove me from my life for at least two years As opposed to 12 months for the R&S IE. I can get away with not showing up to B-Days, New Years etc for a year, but no way are the folks in my life going to let me "slide out" for a couple years. I also don't know any hardcore Nexus guys, but I have a few CCIE R&S guys on my team that can assist me in the journey to my R&S IE.

    So my plan is to go ahead and get my R&S IE in 2013 and then start working on the NP Security in 2014. Hopefully by the time 2015 rolls around we will have replaced the rest of our legacy gear with Nexus 5 & 7 giving me a few more years of hands-on with NX-OS and hopefully lining me up for the DC track.
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