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Hi Friends, I've been studying for the a+ and i'm sure i've studied enough to give it my first trial. Pls guys and gals, i need informations as to how to enter for and sit for the A+ exam. How much does it cost and can i enter for the exam as an individual or i need to go through a school or college. I'm based in the u.k plls i need ur guidance. Cheers!


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    Try a search for Prometric or Vue and select one that is in a location nearest you.

    The fees vary from country to country and there you will find your cost. Here in the US, each test is near $200.

    You may use a test voucher from one of our sponsers to ease some of that cost.

    As far as being part of a business or individual....Some businesses are 'partners' or such and may qualify for additional discounts. Your certifications stay with YOU and therefore you may take any one you are ready for.
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