Port Configuration for Virtual and Physical Switch Question - not getting it

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Attached is a screen shot of a question I ran into on TestOut's LabSim for Network+ pertaining to port configuration of virtual and physical switches. There were two of these questions, missed them both but the first I saw what I had missed. I have not figured this one out. I am now on the practice exams and here it is again. It is driving me crazy that I am not getting this but I am putting in 8 hour days preparing so I may just be too close so to speak. Or my brain is frying. Basically I am not seeing how they got their answer based on what the display is showing. My former Cisco instructor thought that some of the image was missing from the screen shot. That is all there was.

Any assistance offered would be sincerely appreciated.

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    I think your instructor is right--you can pretty clearly scroll down in that image. There's a scroll bar on the right that's only 25% of the way down the page. Without being able to see the full diagram I don't think anybody is going to be able to help you much.
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