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Hi, have been reading the forum for a few weeks now picking up loads of useful information and read through the tech notes stickies at the top icon_cool.gif

Im getting to grips slowly with things by using a home lab and boson simulator. The part im really struggling with is getting a really good understanding of all the protocols and the OSI model. The books ive got seem to concentrate on taking you through practical stuff which is great and i can follow them through no problem but i feel as if im missing a huge chunk of understanding not really grasping the theory behind it.

Can anyone reccomend good books to help me on at all?

Ebay provided lots of pdf books but its too difficult trying to read them on an ipaq on the train. Ive looked on Amazon and there are so many books i dont want to waste money buying ones which aren't great.

My home lab consists of 3 x 2501 routers (trying to upgrade them all to 16mb flash to run 12.3 IOS), a 2513 router (was very cheap) and a 2924 switch running enterprise IOS 12.0.

Any advice would be great at the moment it feels as if for every one thing i learn it puhes something else out my head icon_redface.gif


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    I used Todd Lammle's CCNA Exam Guide published by Sybex. I enjoyed reading it and found it very useful.


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    I think we can all agree that the standard books are Sybex and Cisco Press. I would recommend reading all three Sybex CCNA 5th ed and the CCNA self study Prep Library Intro and ICND.
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    Many thanks, ive ordered the Sybex 5th edition from Amazon and will start reading on the train Monday icon_cool.gif
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