Question about SSCP / CISSP certifications....

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Security certifications come in all shapes and sizes for both beginners as advanced ones...

My interest is in one of the following Security certifications;

** SSCP (Systems Security Certified Practitioner)
** CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)

What I understood is that CISSP is on a higher level than SSCP....I was thinking instead of doing SSCP and then do go directly for the CISSP certification.

Does anyone have experience with this? Is it direclty necassary to first study for SSCP and then go for CISSP?


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    Welcome to TE. There's a lot of info here regarding this. Make sure you search. Here's something to get you started:
    JDMurray wrote: »
    Look at who these two certifications are marketed to. The CISSP is for Information Security professionals with 5+ years working in a wide variety of InfoSec fields, including those related to business and management. The SSCP is targeted to people fresh out of college who only have a year of InfoSec work experience, which is usually only on the technical side. Having the SSCP be mostly for technical topics and the CISSP include business/management domains therefore follows this trend.

    I have recommended many times here on TE that:

    1. If you qualify now for full CISSP certification then you should go directly for it.
    2. If you already have the CISSP there is no need to go for the SSCP.
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