Passed 98-366! What Next?

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So I came asking about MeasureUp and how it relates to the MTA exam and I got some good advice. I will say that measureup is a good tool as long as you learn the concepts behind the questions and not the answer to THAT specific question. If you pass the MeasureUps and know the concepts, you should ace 98-366.

On to my question, what should I pursue next? I'm open to any IT field although I'm going to school for Network Administration. Whats the easier route to get into the IT field quickly? Help desk? or interning at any company that will take me in?

Also, what other tests should I start looking at. I plan on getting A+, Net+ and Sec+ regardless but I'm not sure when I should get them (other than Net+, I think thats next for me). Should I get 98-367 then 98-365, then move on to MCTS or should I just focus on CompTia, get Net+, Sec+ and get Cisco? Keep in mind I plan on getting all of this (throughout the years, obviously) but I'm just looking for a starting point. In a world of a ton of certs, I want to know which ones will hold the most weight and get my foot in the door somewhere and after that I can knock them off as I go.

Thanks in advance.


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    my opinion of the MTA is that they are very entry level, i see the a+,net+,sec+ as being a step above them. But they are cheaper tests. Don't Expect net+ to be as easy as the 366.

    Net+ would be a good next step since you are studying Network Admin. does your class teach the cisco CCNA? or is it just a general Net Admin?
    After net+ CCNA would be a good one to go after. A help desk position is a good entry level job, but it usually doesn't use much network admin skills.
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