Passed my CISSP today!!!!! (Xmas gift to myself)

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Hey everyone,

i have been studying for this exam for quite a while and I must say I was very nervous in taking this test. But let me just get right to it.

i won't bore you with a good night rest and eating a good breakfast let just skip to the meat of this story.

What help me pass? First the CCURE test bank ( I paid for the 6 mos membership. In a 3 month period I did a total of 53 quizzes, totallying 3581 questions. VERY GOOD TOOL. Second, I read Shon Harris book cover to cover, let's just say a few times.

Finally, the best Nugget I found was this July 2012 test bank absolutely FREE and it was updated with all the NEW 2012 CISSP sections for the CBT test. BEST THING!!!! USE THIS. ( Sybex: CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional Study Guide, 6th Edition) go to the download tab, register install and run it. You will thank me later.

I hope you all pass,

after the test, when that piece of paper printed out I didn't even want to look at it but, It was nice to see CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!.

i felt obligated to pass on my study habits as someone passed there's onto me. And it worked!!!!!!!!!....... pay it forward, God bless you all.

Hope u all find this post helpful.. I'm new here but wanted to contribute something for those taking the exam.


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    Congrats! I think it has been running about 3 weeks for endorsement approval, so if you get your paperwork in this week, you should be official by early January.

    PS, might want to drop the logo until you have your endorsement, I think that is frowned upon a bit.
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    Well I'm on vacation and won't go back to work until Jan 5th or so, thanks for the recommendation on the avatar.
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    Hi Jake

    Congrats icon_cheers.gif, that is one great Christmas Gift. Always good to hear that someone crossed that line.

    Thanks for the tips, I sure will be using them. Unfortunately no Christmas for me this year, I have booked the exam for mid-January 2013 and have stepped my preparations. Struggling with Crypto at the moment icon_sad.gif.

    CONGRATS ONCE AGAIN icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Your very welcome, I also used Shon Harris PPT CD though it's was 2007 it was a better guide than the book, if your a visual person or don't like to read her books..
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    Congrats! I got my Christmas present 2 days ago when I passed the CISSP. Feels good after all the work that's put into it. I like you didn't even want to look at the print out but of course I did and it was all good.
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    Yeah I didn't want to look at that thing at all, I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off of ne
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    Congrats!! Heard so MANY success stories of people passing the CISSP and telling myself that I can NOT wait until it's my turn. Currently studying for how to defeat the beast myself, working on the Information Security Governance and Risk Management domain! 4 months left until exam time! icon_study.gif
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    Good day Jake,

    This ends the year on the right foot. Congratulation, doing that many questions certainly deserves a passing grade.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    The guy behind
    I am glad our quizzes were of good help.
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    @Jake007 - congrats on passing the CISSP and for sharing your study material! icon_thumright.gif

    @hcaeb2000 - congrats to you too on a job well done!

    @cdupuis - thanks for the hard work put into making such a great resource - I have heard only good things about the site.
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    Thank you so much for your efforts into building the test banks. The best part of this is that you get the explanation for WHY your answer is right or wrong so you can apply that to memory and understanding of the concepts. It allowed me to see how questions could be worded on the exam such at LEAST TRUE, NOT FALSE, ALL BUT, etc....

    Thank you again.
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    Congratulations and Happy New Year! :D
    Feel the fear, and do it anyway!
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    Came back to work 3 Jan, had my co-worker do my endorsement, now im just waiting on the official word to come back. Since im in the DOD we have a web site (VTE) where we can do numerous CPE's (one stop shop), so this is nice.

    One thing I did not realize was we input our own CPE's so it good to keep a folder of your print outs of classes you attended with certificates, attendance sheet, screen shots, etc.

    Also good to know my AMF (Annual Maintenence Fee) is paid for also.
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    Jake - What made the Sybex questions so good? Right now im preparing with the CCure paid test bank questions
  • Jake007Jake007 Member Posts: 65 ■■□□□□□□□□

    They were a different set of questions not even loaded into the CCURE test bank, they gave me a better perspective on question/ answers that CCURE did not since they were not loaded in their test bank.. The Sybex test bank is based on the 2012 CBT it's very up to date,with all the new topics and subjects.
  • Jake007Jake007 Member Posts: 65 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Designation just came in TODAY, while im sitting at my desk email just popped in... took exactly 2 weeks. (YES!!!).. .. cert in the mail....
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