A little Christmas Trivia

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On My INE rack I have 2 x apc pdus each with 8 sockets For the config I've used 15 of them and so had one spare. Last weekend I put my outside Chirstmas lights up and used the last socket to power them. My kids think its great that i can access the web console on my Ipad and switch the lights on. I finally settled for using the timer function. The PDU are pulling an ntp clock from my broad band router which in turn takes the clock form an internet stratum source. It dawned on me yesterday while watching them switch in just as the hour beeps were heard on he radio that I may have the only Christmas decorations that are timed via an atomic clock....

Have a good hoilday guys assuming the world doesn't end later today..

Studying CCIE R&S

Written passed, looking at lab towards end of 2013
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