70-481Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps using HTML5 and JavaScript

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Hi all,

I recently passed 70-481 with a score just over 700 on my second attempt.

This is quite a challenging exam and not one to attempt without a bit of practical experience in Visual Studio to get the main concepts down in your head.

Obviously I'm governed by the NDA so I can't give away too much but there was a combination of questions and case studies. Here are a few brief comments -

- You need to know the syntax exactly - there is a lot of very similar functions and you need to know it exactly or you'll trip up. There is a lot of these type of questions out to trip up people who haven't prepared properly for the test. Learn your function names!
- The Jumpstart course is not enough to pass the exam.
- You need to do some practical labbing in Visual Studio - it would be hard to pass this exam off just book work but once you have the basics down you can finish off with book work once you understand the concepts.
- It would appear that a good way of testing for this exam is to read the MSDN site in a lot of detail for each exam topic. There is a lot of content / samples that are similar to the MSDN site. I would go through each topic in methodical order and find the relevant code examples. This could more than likely apply to the other languages too.
- The case studies are adaptive - same case studies but the content changes (at least that's what I noticed on my 2nd attempt) so don't rely on brain **** or you'll fail hard!.

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