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I'm so bummed. I was so close. I did worse on some sections that surprised me.


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    Geez, so close. I know the feeling but you have to walk it off and get back at it. What was your score break down?
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    I know the feeling. Keep plugging along, and study those weak areas :)
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    Operation of data networks | 57%
    Implement a small switched network | 79%
    Implement an IP addressing scheme | 92%
    Implement a small routed network | 57 %
    WLAN | 100%
    Security Threats | 100%
    Implement and verify WAN links | 40%

    Regarding the WAN I think I know exactly which question I bombed obviously I can't say too much but it was a rather large question regarding WAN technologies. I used CBT Nuggets, CCNA Workbook and labbed like crazy in Packet tracer. I'm really bummed I failed but I'm glad I sat the exam I know what to expect next time and just need to work on my weak areas.
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    damn man, sorry to hear that. The most I can offer is to keep plugging away and try again. For me the Odom books were very helpful, but it doesn't look like you need to invest anymore money just review and try again. I got the exact same score on the WAN links section.
  • wweboywweboy Member Posts: 287 ■■■□□□□□□□
    yeah I'm bummed but looking on the bright side as some one who doesn't do anything Cisco in their day job I'm okay with the score for my first go. Obviously would like it to be higher but now I'm just gonna focus and see if I can scrape together enough funds to take the exam in a week again and see how I do then. We'll see :D
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    Absolutely. I was able to forego much labbing as I do a lot of this everyday. For me it was learning all of the little details. You'll get it the next time man!
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