CISSP Exam Booked for Jan 25th

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I have been preparing for the CISSP exam for the last couple of months as time allowed but decided to finally pick a date (Jan 25th) and book the exam so I have a target date. This approach has always worked for me in the past and hopefully will work this time also.

I started reading the Shon Harris AIO v6 but it was getting too dry for me and after reading many posts that Eric Conrad was less verbose I switched to that book. My feedback so far is if you have the time & patience, go with the Shon Harris book first. I plan to read both before the exam. Working on Domain #6 right now.

I also got the studIScope self-assessment to see where I stood and got 72% on the first one. But then again don't know how it rates in difficulty with the real exam.

Are there any recommendations for practicing scenario type questions?


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