Passed 70-680..

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70-680 Poulton Book
Portable Command guide - Gibson
MCTS - Rapid Review 70-680(Not really needed imo but good review book nonetheless)
Itfreetraining and Professor Messer Videos

Got an 840/1000, being hyped up as a very hard exam and imo it's really not. I would recommend labing the deployment, but taking good notes(Literally notating almost all of Poulton book) is enough. I'm 20 years old and next semester I get my AAS in Network Administration from my local community college. So you dont really need that 2 years of experience requirement to pass this exam.

Have my A+, MTA - Os fundamentals, and MCTS now. I was wondering if I should do the N+ next or go straight to the 70-685? I plan to have both done before I graduate in May..


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    Congrats! You and I seem to be on a very similar path, both with school and certs. Having studied both the 70-680 & the 70-685 I would suggest doing the 685 THEN the N+. There is a massive amount of overlap between the 680 and the 685 and it would benefit you to study the 685 while the material is still fresh. Again, congrats on the pass, I hope to say the same thing by the end of January.
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    Congrats and a good score!

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    @Luis103 - congrats on a job well done! icon_thumright.gif
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    congrats! well done. i agree with others that you should go with 70-685 first. i will do the same because of the amount of overlaps.
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    So 70-685 it is..Any recommendations on any books?

    I have the 70-685&86 Gibson book..anything else out there? Hows the MS press for this one?
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    CONGRATZ!!! Might I suggest you continue on the path you're following just because the information is still relatively fresh on your mind!!!
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    Thanks for the resources u posted for use on the 70-680.I'd like to ask if you used the whole book for the portable command guide by darril gibson.Seeing that it covers the 685 and 686 as well,I'm wondering if I need to go through the whole book for the 680 exam.I'd appreciate your reply.Thanks
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    Id recommend at least knowing what every command does but, no need to focus on every single switch. Focus on the switches found in the Poulton book, Messer Videos, and Itfreetraining.
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