Ip routing, What type of routing does ISP uses?

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this question has been in my mind for quite some time, can someone enlighten me?



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    BGP, border gateway protocol, in which another internal routing protocol is used OSPF if using non cisco gear in the network, if all cisco EIRGP. then the AS may be broken into logical smaller AS inside the original which is called confederated.. but their maybe others that can tell better that have more experience within that realm icon_wink.gif
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    bgp for intra as stated.....
    ospf scales nice to a large igp.
    is-is is used mostly in the service provider enviornment if you find it anywhere.
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    They use BGP for inter-ISP routing (inter-autonomous system routing protocol) and OSPF or IS-IS for internal routing.
    For frame relay they use SS7 (although it's not a routing protocol, i forgot to mention).
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    SS7 is used for telephony; it is not really considered a data routing protocol. It is a way for telephone switches to exchange dial plan information, support number portability, billing, OOB signaling, and trunkless information exchanges.
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    The ISP that my friend works for uses BGP and IS-IS with very little OSPF due to customer requests and redistribution.
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