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As you guys know I was not given a promotion and decided I'd start looking. A local finance firm had a job posting for a finance analyst on our college job board and I know in the past they hired a ton of IT people. I went to their website and saw two positions I thought I'd fit perfect.

1. System Administrator (Datacenter) - Basically the end all be all position. Work with Windows Servers, Linux Servers, Networking equipment, HVAC, and control security access. Four day work week, 11 hour days...10 PM to 9 AM. I like this position for nights, four day work week, and the chance to work with a ton of technology.

2. Junior System Admin (Windows) - Basic system administrator position for Windows with all the normal fluff. I've worked with Windows servers my entire career and the only bullet I didn't meet was the scripting one (VB and Powershell). This would be a day shift position which I don't mind either.

Company seems like a pretty good one to work for. Free lunch each day, tuition assistance, and a bunch of stuff onsite (bank, barber, gym, etc). Checked out their public profile and employees gave it four stars out of five and the salaries seemed pretty good. They have office in a couple of countries and they have a security department so I know at some point I could move up. The recruiter emailed me late on Friday and asked that i reply with dates for an hour interview on the phone.

We'll see what happens!
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