My CISSP Memoir; Passed: 15-Dec-2012

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Hi All,

I am pleased to inform that I have successfully passed the CISSP exam on 15-Dec-2012.

For long, I have been a silent reader of the posts in this forum. I must say that the discussions, share of exam experiences, prep tweaks etc., have immensely helped me to pass the CISSP Exam.

Here is my CISSP adventure action plan:-

  • Planned to take CISSP/GSLC in 2012 after CISM (cleared in 2011).
  • Registered in TechExams and started to go through the posts everyday (for at least 20 min).
  • Was convinced that CISSP is a beast; however, it can be conquered with proper prep.
  • Booked the exam slot in the last week of July 2012 (for 15 Dec 2012).
  • Started the search for the 'right' material to start the prep. Narrowed down to a few.
  • Ordered OIG 2nd Edition. - My Rationale Behind this: Start with the content from the the original source, which in this case is (ISC)2
  • To start with, the volume of information to be assimilated was overwhelming.
  • Informed close ones that I wont be able to spend quality time with them for the next 5 months.
  • Studied everyday for 1 to 1.5 Hrs (after work) - Wasn't regular though.
  • Gave up all the weekends till D-day. Clocked ~9 Hrs on weekends.
  • Studied the 900+ page book from cover to cover except the Index. Felt as if it was a volume of printed sleeping pills.
  • Thought of Shon Harris AIO at this moment of time.As I heard many people describing it as having 'mild sleep inducing' features compared to the OIG. Bought it. But didn't start reading it.
  • Took notes and marked some important sentences. Read each and every line of OIG and tried to understand the content.Switched some chapters to start afresh and marked where I have left it before. Few pages through the book, I understood that at least 1 revision is a MUST before the exam date.
  • Practiced using the CDs from AIO and OIG. ~ 50% of the content.
  • Even though the day before d-day is a no books day, I tried to revise the OIG.
  • Finally didn't have time to go through AIO.

Exam Experience:-

  • It seemed that I am the first candidate taking CISSP at this test center (As they were surprised that there is 'some 6 hour test' and were unaware of the unscheduled breaks).
  • Started smoothly, but soon I realized that the exam was brutal. Yes, BRUTAL.
  • Exam was significantly tougher than any of the practice tests.
  • Couldn't sense even remotely about what is being asked or expected out of some questions. By the end of the first pass, would have flagged at least 60-70 questions for review.
  • Time just flew away. Took breaks periodically and replenished myself with sandwiches. Had some sports drink too.
  • At the end, I just wanted to finish it, what ever the end result may be. Reviewed some and submitted.
  • Waited for the printer to throw a piece of that paper... Couldn't read it at first.
  • Then after 10 seconds could locate a sentence that said "Congratulations!, we are pleased to inform you that you have passed the Certified Information Systems Security Professional Examination"

Thanked the almighty. Called home. Drove at average speeds !

@kalkan999 - Your posts have been helpful in understanding the difficulty level of the CISSP exam and what can go wrong. I kept in mind that it isn't an easy exam to conquer and this translates into concentrated efforts that should span over months, and not overnight realizations and glorification from knowl point of view. Especially, the discussed points made me understand that easy access to exam (CBT in lieu of PBT) doesnt make it any simpler or easier. Bottom line, I made up my mind that it is a beast that demands considerable amount of efforts from test taker.

@JDMurray - Your PoVs and recommendations have been useful in deciding the road map for the prep.

@Iristheangel - Your posts have always been good to go through and gave a new dimension to CISSP prep and what to expect in this test.


Best Regards


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