Just Bought Darril Gibson's Security+ Book

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I bought Darril Gibsons' Security+ Book from Amazon last night, so far it's really good, with explanations to help you understand the concepts. I got the 9.99 kindle version, which you can read on your computer with amazon's cloud reader, not bad. I haven't found the $276 for the exam yet but hoping I can register this month.
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  • itsgonnahappenitsgonnahappen Member Posts: 95 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Good luck on your studies. As long as you read the chapters, you're in good hands with that book. In regards to exam fees, if you're attending a college, you may want to inquire about a reduced price voucher through your institution. Additionally, you can find reduced price vouchers online, but be careful here... they may not be valid.
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    It's also possible to find exam vouchers listed as short sale because of their upcoming expiration date. I purchased my Project+ voucher from this site, it looks like they have a few Security+ vouchers for under $230.

    Discount CompTIA Security Exam Vouchers from GetCertified4Less
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    That book is golden.

    And yeah, look for vouchers. I think I paid $225 when I took my S+.
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    Good to hear you're enjoying the book. Amazon has some outstanding free resources for Kindle books, and most Kindle books are relatively inexpensive.

    MSP-IT has a great link for vouchers. If you check regularly, you might get a bargain. I got a great deal for a Security+ voucher a couple of years ago. I don't remember the exact price, but it was about $175 through them.

    Good luck.
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    Darril Gibson's tome's should be DEFINITE additions to your library. The guy really knows his stuff!!!
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