Best Buy Geek Squad Covert Agent Interview

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Okay so I have been selected for an interview with Best Buy/Geek Squad for the Online Covert Agent position. I have been reading through the forum about people's experiences with Best Buy (most not so good lol), but noticed all discussions were dealing with in store positions. Well this one is a remote position. Anyone who knows the position knows what I am mean.

Anyway for anyone who has had previous experience, good or bad, in the covert agent position, what kinds of questions should I expect from the interview, and how is working as a covert agent like? Appreciate any details;)


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    question...why would you want to do that? i mean, unless you cant get anything better then i can understand this move....
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    That's where you go in and pretend to be a customer and ask questions to see if the associate knows what the hell they're talking about, right?

    I dunno, guess it would be ok. Not sure how it would really help your career development, but if you've got nothing else going on it's better than nothing.
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    Oh snap. They need more of those covert agents then!

    But then again, I don't know what they're told to say and what they actually know. After a while, I just stopped going to the computer section if I was browsing, lest I hear something that wants me to hit my head off the nearest portrait-mode tv set.
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    Sounds like a secret shopper kind of gig? Sounds interesting, but I would think you'd have to do some serious travel, it's not like you can go to the same store over and over and not get remembered.
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    Hahaha... Whats up with the goofy job titles from them? Covert Agent... HA!
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    It's a remote position. They began to incorporate them into GS precincts when I was working there. You basically throw a customer machine onto the network and a GS agent logs into it to perform services remotely.
  • About7NarwhalAbout7Narwhal Member Posts: 761
    As far as I can remember, the "Covert" position does a little bit more in terms of TS than the in-house guys. (Who only throw a disk in and hope it works, BTW) Best Buy is not really looked upon as a "real" IT job because they limit what you are allowed to do so much that you never really do any troubleshooting. That is why everyone is against working for their "IT" group. That said, ANY experiece is better than no experience. If this is what get's your foot in the door, great. Go for it and train on your down time to better yourself. Be ready for the next job in a year though, cause you might get bored quick. Good luck.
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    Those job titles are terrible.....

    I get why Best Buy does it because the company is consumer electronic focused but man....
  • FredTheGeekFredTheGeek Registered Users Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Ok, but as far as the interview goes, what kinds of questions should I expect?
  • NemowolfNemowolf Member Posts: 319 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Ok, but as far as the interview goes, what kinds of questions should I expect?

    As a former agent, i am familiar with the job and who they initially hired to do them and very little of what they are trained to do. As an in-store agent, my role was to put those computers on the bench and get them connected for those in covert agent role.

    They are going to want to see that your able to absorb the culture and understand that the brand is more than just GS. GS is one facet of the umbrella that is BBY and the other services and companies.

    They want to see that you have a solid understanding of how to troubleshoot anything. Basic virus remediation understanding and the software/tools you use to fix them. The didn't have any direct contact with the stores so they want to see that you know enough to fix it from start to finish regardless of what the issue is. You won't need any specific technlogy information, just keep it "brand agnostic" as they refer to it.
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    I want to know if you ended up getting the job and how it is working out for you? I am in the same situation and would love to know what to expect from an interview...
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