Simulation or lab resources for 70--680

sendalotsendalot Member Posts: 328
Do you recommend or know of any simulation materials for 70-680? (I expect MCTS exam will have simulation or performance-based questions).

Preferably not Virtual PC or web-based (practice-it for example). I find them very slow.

Boson seems to be outsourcing its lab to practice-it.


  • ITMonkeyITMonkey Member Posts: 200
    The 70-680 does not have simulation type questions.

    Most questions will be selecting one (or more) answers from a list. Microsoft is adding new technologies to its exam suite all the time. So in the future it may include simulations or performance based questons. Currently, the closest thing to a simulation is to click a part of a dialog box having links, tabs, radio buttons, pull-down lists, etc.

    You'll often hear of people creating "labs" to prepare for Microsoft exams. This is most economically done in a virtual environment. In fact, I have trouble believing someone can pass these exams unless you have done several hours configuring servers and clients in your lab. Here's where you may find example labs for the 70-680. Textbooks to prepare for the 680, whether they be from Microsoft or independent authors, often include lab exercises included within each lesson.
  • sendalotsendalot Member Posts: 328
    Oh, then I guess I better get this passed before a simulation gets added?

    Any books or training materials you recommend?

    Thank you for the info!
  • ITMonkeyITMonkey Member Posts: 200
    You'll likely find the Microsoft exams a notch higher in the difficulty scale when compared to CompTIA's certification exams. Using a virtual lab environment to "hands-on" configure a Windows Server 2008 R2 and a couple Windows 7 clients is your best approach to passing. So get a textbook that has lab examples.

    I used two textbooks. Don Poulton's 70-680 book appears to be the preferred book. Microsoft has a 70-680 Training Kit book too. Of the two books, I thought Poulton's was the better choice. His treatment of Windows distribution confused me, however. The Microsoft book had a better organized chapter there.
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