choice of IP phones ?

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Hello, is there much advantage in getting 6 button 7960 phones rather than 4 button 7940 phones for CCNA voice ?



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    Not really but i like the 7960s because of the extra features while the 7940 is rather basic. For the CCNA Voice, i think you can do with the 7940 but if you plan to go after the higher certs, might as well get the cooler phones

    Cisco 7940G vs. Cisco 7960G: Phone Hardware Comparison
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    No, not really much advantage, they are the same Type "A" (first generation from Cisco) with either 2 or 6 for CCNA:Voice no big difference...

    Now if you plan on moving onto CCNP:Voice, while the 7940/60 can be used for a branch office, the 7941/2/5 or 7961/2/5 will serve you better, but usually at a higher cost.
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