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I haven't been able to find an up-to-date review of TestOut's "ProNetwork" course. Everything I've found is on their older Network+ courses. Does anyone have experience with it? I was looking at CBT Nuggets, but paying 1k+ for an entire year is hard to stomach when I have access to the $89 student pricing of TestOut. BUT, if TestOut is pretty much junk, I would consider forking over for CBT. I also intent to compliment whatever I choose with a book and professormesser videos.




  • DragonrangerDragonranger Senior Member Member Posts: 101
    I cant rate the N+ course for testout I havent tried it but was thinking about picking it up as well. I did use it for the A+ exams and found the practice tests helpful. I also felt the practice exams helped boost my confidence for the exams after i had started scoring well.
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