70-682... which resources?

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Hey guys.

I'm looking to upgrade some of my Microsoft certs and I noticed that I can take the 70-682 test to upgrade to Enterprise Support on Windows 7 but I was having trouble locating which resources I needed to use to study.

Any help is appreciated.



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    There are no MS resources on this exam.

    You will have to look at the 70-680 and the 70-685 materials that are available, as this exam is based on those two exams. I would recommend the Poulton book for 680 and the Darril Gibson book for 685(/686).
    Have alook on amazon or similar for books 70-680 and 70-685
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    Yep, I ran into the same issue, not real resources for 70-682, I tested for it 3 times and passed on the 3rd try, with a 751. I used 70-680/685 MS Press, Windows 7 Resouces Kit, Pocket Consultant Win7/Server08 and CBT Nuggets. If you look at the objectives, MS take3 only some of the objectives from each exam. Basically I took only the objectives from each exam and review all those objectives. For Example... 70-680, Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, for 70-685, 70-685, Chapters 1, 6, 9, and Resouces Kit, Chapters 3, 4, 6, 15, 18, This was my study plan, I also used Windows 7 Pocket Consultant and Windows Server 2008 Pocket Consultant too. There are questions on Server/OS interactions. I was very limited on study time with 2 young children, I just took my 70-686 and failed with a 507, as I said very limited on time. What you can do for a study lab environment, get yourself a notebook (or desktop) with at least 4 to 8 GB of ram, 64Bit CPU, install Server 2008 Eval, (180 days, 6 months) and run everything in Hyper V, you can install VMs for Server and OS, both are still available as Evals, this the only way to get the hands on labs. The 70-682 is a difficult exam, because you are working with 2 exams, you will test on 25 questions (680) and second 25 questions (685), with maybe 4 to 5 more question, you will need to pass both sections. The one thing that I hated about my results, is that the objectives results are not listed like other exams, you will get a scale for both exams and that is it, so it was hard to determine which area (objective) I was weak on. I hope this helps and good luck on the 70-682. If you like to contact me, go ahead.
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    MS does make it complicated, don't they? Isn't 682 a mirror of 685, though?
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    DEC901 wrote: »
    MS does make it complicated, don't they? Isn't 682 a mirror of 685, though?

    The 682 contains material from the 70-680 and the 70-685 (not just the 685).
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