Passed Sec+

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I passed the Sec+ today with a score of 850. I felt like I knew the answers on most of the questions and some were just worded tricky.

My main book of choice was CompTIA-Security-Certified-Ahead-SY0-301/ by Darril Gibson. It is an excellent resource and an easy read. It is all you need to pass the test but I would also make some flash cards and definitely make sure you know all the acronyms and can say a few sentences about each topic. I also utilized the Security+ Labsim content through WGU. I felt the Labsim was really well done but provided more detail than what is really needed for the test.
WGU - Security
Current: Start date Sept 1. Remaining:
CUV1, BOV1, CJV1, CVV1, KET1, KFT1, DFV1, TPV1, BNC1, RIT1, DHV1, CSV1, COV1, CQV1, CNV1, SBT1, RGT1 Completed: AXV1, CPV1, CTV1 Transferred: AGC1, BBC1, LAE1, QBT1, LUT1, GAC1/HHT1, QLT1, IWC1, IWT1, INC1, INT1, BVC1, CLC1, WFV1, DJV1


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