I have 3 1721's and no good IOS....

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Sooo. I have gotten through most of the introductory reading as far as getting ready to start learning about cisco. You know, mastering the OSI model, learning to subnet in my sleep, etc....now it has come time to start playing with IOS! unfortunately the routers that I bought on Ebay have versions of the IOS that apparently are not conducive to my study needs.

Where on earth can I get the 12.4t IOS images?

I tried buying them through Cisco and that was a no go, maybe I just don't understand the site well enough. Can I buy them from like a cisco partner or something? are any of you able to sell them? I just don't understand exactly how I am supposed to study, if I can't get the necessary things TOO study....

Feel free to respond in thread or PM me some info, I am totally lost right now.


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    What images are you using currently? You can't so go and buy images you need a smartnet contract or whatever it is called with Cisco to be able to go onto cisco.com and just download them. -- I could be wrong!
    Combination of GNS3 and Cisco equipment if required.
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