CCNP Switching- MST and PVRST config. question

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I am aware that how they operate to some extent. However, i have some questions.

Lets say, i built such a topology(real lab) which is consist of two Cat3560 Switch and a 2950 Switch. (connected them to each other via cat 5 copper )

In this lab,

1) My concern is during the config. of MST and PVRST, i am not sure about if i have to set the ports between switches to trunk?

Other concern is below :

2) Assume that i configured MST on all Cisco switches above. In that topology, i set instance 1 between cat2950 and 3560_1 Switch. instance 2 between cat 2950 and 3560_2 Switch. However, how many instances do i have to config. between
3560_1 and 3560_2 Switches because there is only one link between these two, too. So,am i allowed only for either instance 1 or instance 2?

topology is as such cat 3560_1 --- cat 2950(in the middle) --- cat 3560_2


add another link between these two switches and instance 1 for one link, instance 2 for other link?
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    You don't configure instances between switches. You assign/map vlans to an instance # in your MST configuration. Your MST configuration must match on all switches in the domain.
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